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Danube Region is affected by natural disasters resulting from climate change, increasing the intensity and frequency of heat waves, droughts, fire incidents, and heavy rainfalls with flash floods on local level.

Currently, the coronavirus pandemic affects the whole world, and numbers of infected and dead persons are rising at an incredible rate, all of us are becoming more aware of the necessity of continuous science and research support.

GreenPE will create, establish, and validate the effects of an innovative physical education (PE) curriculum towards environmental andhealth sustainability.

PTE is participating as a consortium partner in the HABRIA project under the Call for proposals for the Support for Participation in Joint EU Initiatives (2018-2.1.5-NEMZ).

In retinal neurodegenerative diseases, death of primarily affected cells is often followed by the bystander effect, a mechanism leading to the death of nearby cells, in numbers surpassing insulted cells by several magnitudes1,2,3.

Large amounts of oil and gas were produced in Central Europe from thousands of deep wells, but after decades of production many of the hydrocarbon wells are abandoned or must soon be 

EuPRAXIA is the first European project that develops a dedicated particle accelerator research infrastructure based on novel plasma acceleration concepts and laser technology.

EuPRAXIA is a distributed, compact and innovative accelerator facility based on plasma technology. It has been selected for the 2021 Update of the ESFRI Roadmap.

Particle accelerators are devices of primary importance in a large range of applications such as fundamental particle physics, nuclear physics, light sources, imaging, neutron sources, transmutation of nuclear waste.

The idea of the SYStem project is to create edutainment social media dedicated to soil description and classification using the WRB (World Reference Base for Soil Resources).

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