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SYStem - Share Your Soils

Project ID
Project title

Share Your Soils

Project manager, contact details
Veronika Nagy-Véber,
Academic supervisor, contact details
Szabolcs Czigány Dr.,
Total project budget
352.761 EUR
Total budget of UP
22.600 EUR
Project start date
Project end date
Nicolaus Copernicus University in Torun (PL)

Partner Organisations
Universytet Przyrodniczy We Wroclawiu (PL); Latvijas Lauksaimniecibas Universitate (LT); Universita Degli Studi di Sassari (IT); Ceska Zemedelska Univerzita v Praze (CZ); Universidad de Extremadura (ES); Univerza v Ljubljani (SI); Univerytet Przyrodniczy Poznaniu (PL); Eesti Maaulikool (EE), University of Pécs (HU)
General description

The idea of the SYStem project is to create edutainment social media dedicated to soil description and classification using the WRB (World Reference Base for Soil Resources). It will be based on mobile application for uploading soil profile photos with description of soil horizons, materials and properties along with its coordinates and students (users) proposal for the soil classification.

The application would be working both on and offline. Application users will have the possibility to interact with each other and share their knowledge helping less experienced colleagues through comments on other students and researchers uploads within the international SYStem application community.

The project will be based not only on the creating the advanced international social media tool for soil science classification and education issues which is the main goal. It also includes the preparation of exercises manual on how to use SYStem application and social media in edutainment-focused teaching. In addition the soil Omnibus dedicated to support the teaching of newest edition of WRB system (2015) on a university level suitable in various environmental science courses (e.g. environmental protection, geography) will be prepared. Afterwards the evaluation of prepared edutainment module will be carried out during students workshops focused on using the application.

All of the project outcomes which are the edutainment social media tool, user’s manual, soil classification Omnibus and excersises leaflet will be freely accessible throughout EU and world. All students and teachers will have open access to register, use it and ask for experts feedback. The soil data uploaded will be also available for other users as an active collection of various soils with multimedia and geolocation features. The obtained products will comprise an innovative and powerful for the university level teaching tool. It is expected also to be the supporting tool not only the HEI teachers, but also High School teachers and active environmental researchers and practitioners. All of the above mentioned results will last many years after the founding period of SYStem project

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