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The objective of this project is to provide and test samples of Schreiber's bats from multiple countries in Southern-Eastern Europe.

GreenPE will create, establish, and validate the effects of an innovative physical education (PE) curriculum towards environmental andhealth sustainability.

The project aims at creating an innovative, novel teaching material for filling the existing knowledge gap of students learning tourism and giving them a holistic approach how to serve people with disabalities in an effective way.

The key objective of the project is to develop, implement and evaluate a novel transitional palliative cancer care programme for patients with cancer, with an intervention that aims for a smooth transition from the hospital to community-based care in the final months of

The DigLit project provides a means for ESL/EFL teachers to share and embed digital education to enhance awareness of social inequalities, diversity, and equality through the usage of young adult literature in combination with popular smart phones app.

The general objective of the project is the value-based development of youth participation within school frameworks and municipalities in the Carpathian Basin in response to the most justified problems of professionals working with young people: addressing and involving

E-learning, Materials for students and laypeople will be prepared in english.

Cancer prevention is poorly understood among people with intellectual disabilities. CUPID is setting up a research agenda and knowledge base to improve this in the European Union and beyond.

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