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The overarching aim of GOLIAT is to characterize and monitor RF-EMF exposure, in particular 5G, provide novel insights into potential causal neuropsychological and biological effects, and understand risk perception and communication through citizen engagement using an i

River networks are among Earth’s most threatened hot-spots of biodiversity and provide key ecosystem services (eg. supply drinking water and food, climate regulation) essential to sustaining human well-being.

Many business intelligence surveys demonstrate that Digital Realities (Virtual reality and Augmented reality) are becoming a huge market trend in many sectors, and North America is taking the lead in this emerging domain.

ODYSSEUS aims at Coal-to-Liquids Supply Chain (CLSC) integration and enhanced assessment of operational, economic and environmental risks during or after mine operation in unfavourable geological settings for potential high coal production areas in European medium- to l

With the long-term view of increasing diversification and biodiversity in Europe and fostering sustainable development of bioeconomy, the Diverfarming consortium come together to develop and deploy innovative farming and agribusiness strategies.

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