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WELLBEING - Promoting the wellbeing concept at medical and public sector of the Visegrad Region

Project manager, contact details
Borkovits Balázs,, +36 30 4961880
Academic supervisor, contact details
Dr Varga Zsuzsanna
Total project budget
32 590 EUR
Total budget of UP
15 226 EUR
Project start date
Project end date
Dr Varga Zsuzsanna

Lead Partner
University of Pécs, HU
Partner Organisations
Charles University, CZ
Comenius University Bratislava, SK -
Medical University of Gdansk, PL -
General description

The most important determinants of competitiveness in the life of every organisation are people. Their well-being is a principal aim of the EU and the UN’s 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. The importance of investing in health & social protection has also been recognised by the World Bank Group, the International Labour Organization, the IMF and the WHO. Wellbeing policy highlight the importance of ensuring access for social services, occupational health and safety, decent working conditions, equal opportunities, gender equality and social inclusion as measures to enable people to reach their full potential. Well-being plays a particularly important role at medical schools, where students and employees are even more exposed to stress. Medical education can directly contribute to the development of psychological distress in students, and this can lead to catastrophic consequences such as impaired academic performance and competency, burnout, medical errors and attrition from medical school. In addition, several studies have demonstrated that the personal example set by health professionals, has a significant impact on the attitudes and health behaviour of those they come into contact with. The project will therefore focus on ensuring the well-being of medical students (future doctors) and workers by developing a transnational mentoring programme and sharing experiences with the medical and public sectors. In the long term, the project will go beyond its target groups and will also contribute to improving the health awareness of the general population.

The well-being programme gives everyone the opportunity to maintain physical and mental health. As the results of a Faculty are largely influenced by the staff and students of the organisation, we want to give more opportunities to the citizens of the Visegrad region to shape this community together, giving space to community needs and ideas. The concept of well-being provides a vision for human resources development. The main goal is to ensure that people working and studying in medical schools, health care institutions and social services administration feel proud and happy to work and learn, feel physically and mentally well as part of a community, and positively influence other people in their attitudes towards health. This good practice will be passed on to many other organisations and businesses of the VR.

Project partners:

Charles University

Comenius University Bratislava

Medical University of Gdansk

Project goals:

- supporting the well-being of the students, staff and citizens;

- facilitating the quality improvement of the environment of these communities;

- encouraging citizens to be proactive, work in synergy, innovate and experience creative joy.


1, Sharing experiences of past programs at the kick-off event

2, Need assessment (physical infrastructure, community, environment)

3, Joint development of a transnational mentoring program

4, Joint online training, to appoint and train the mentors on the basis of the mentoring program

5, Disseminating results for wide range of stakeholders at closing event and via social media

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You are cordially invited to the online conference "Promoting the wellbeing concept at medical and public sector of the Visegrad Region", organised jointly with the Universities of