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PRIME - Promoting and Improving Existing Methods of Youth Participation

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Project title

Promoting and Improving Existing Methods of Youth Participation 

Project manager, contact details
Krisztina Fertői-Héra,
Academic supervisor, contact details
Zsuzsanna Gerner Dr.,
Total project budget
400.000 EUR
Total budget of UP
73.000 EUR
Project start date
Project end date
National Youth Council of Hungary (HU)

Partner Organisations
Sapientia Hungarian University of Transylvania (RO), Selye János University (SK), Association of Hungarian High School Students in Romania (RO), Selye János University Student Union (SK), Office of the Commissioner for Educational Rights, Local Government of the City of County Rights of Székesfehérvár HU), Covasna County Council (RO), University of Pécs (HU)
General description

The general objective of the project is the value-based development of youth participation within school frameworks and municipalities in the Carpathian Basin in response to the most justified problems of professionals working with young people: addressing and involving young people.

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