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V4DevCo - V4 Development Cooperation Trialogue: reinforcing synergies, sharing good practices

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V4 Development Cooperation Trialogue: reinforcing synergies, sharing good practices

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Bernadett Barnaki,
Academic supervisor, contact details
István Tarrósy Prof. Dr.,
Total project budget
38.011 EUR
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12.603 EUR
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CASE - Center for Social and Economic Research (PL)

Partner Organisations
Platforma rozvojových organizácií – Ambrela (SK), Ústav mezinárodních vztahů, v. v. i (CZ), University of Pecs (HU)
General description

The main objective of the project is to foster the broader participation of V4 (Czechia, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia) non-state development actors in European Union (EU) development funding programs. As the development assistance projects are generally based on common values, 30 years after the creation of the Visegrad Group, stronger V4 engagement in their realization firmly resonates with the principal concepts underlying the foundations of the Visegrad Declaration. The project will examine enhancing the V4 development actors’ cooperation. It will strive for searching solutions to increase the level of non-state actors’ engagement in bidding for EU development assistance tenders. To this end, the project will facilitate the knowledge transfer from Denmark which has a relatively successful record of EU development assistance funding acquisition. Besides, the Nordic countries’ high level of cooperation in the joint financing and realization of development projects can be considered good practice and may serve as an inspiration for consortium building or subcontracting strategies among the V4 development actors. In addition, the project will complement the participants’ understanding of procurement and grants for EU external actions’ requirements and procedures in the context of the new EU development finance architecture through the participation in the workshops attended by experts from the European Commission. Last but not least, it will make use of the observations shared by the development actors from the recipient countries concerning their experience in joint efforts with development actors from the Visegrad countries, as well as their expectations about such cooperation. As the project will showcase the development cooperation efforts of the V4 countries through a dedicated website, social media activities and podcast sessions, it will also promote the values that were fundamental at the origin of the Visegrad Group's establishment.

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