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Development of the forest management industry of the Danube region through the application of Industry 4.0.

Project goal is to strengthen the innovation potential of SMEs in the Danube Region in the field of material and materials technologies, to improve collaboration of SMEs with research, technology and innovation (RTI) in order to better transfer research and technology r

The establishment of an affiliation of the PTE Cleantech and Green Economy Research and Innovation Center in Bosnia and Herzegovina, which will allow for the continuation of professional and business development activities after the project's completion, thus helping SM

The olive tree (Olea Europaea) is native across the Mediterranean region. It is among the oldest fruit trees cultivated in north African countries.

The project´s ambition is to build a well-educated group of people able to contribute to improvement of attributes of vehicles that will have less negative impact on the environment as such.

The main objective of JOIN-RISe is to make higher education STEM students develop into citizens that are critical thinkers and are fully committed to the SDGs.

The idea of the project was traced few years back after the closure of ‘V-educa’ (Vocational education) project, which was financed by the Hungary-Croatia IPA Cross-border Co-operation Programme 2007-2013.

Despite the EU sets integrated settlement development (ISD) as guiding principle in settlement/urban developments, there is no higher education course in ISD in the cross border area.

SMART GROUND aims at improving the availability and accessibility of data and information on SRM (Secondary Raw Materials) in the EU territory, while creating collaborations and synergies among the different stakeholders involved in the SRM value chain.

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