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V-Educa2 - Vocational education 2

Project ID
Project title

Vocational education 2

Project manager, contact details
Balázs Borkovits,
Academic supervisor, contact details
László Fülöp, Dr.,
Total project budget
237.505 EUR
Total budget of UP
81.236 EUR (85% EU contribution, 15% National contribution)
Project start date
Project end date
Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology

Lead Partner
Regional Energy Agency North (HR)
Partner Organisations
University North (HR), South Transdanubian Regional Innovation Agency Nonprofit Ltd. (HU), University of Pécs (HU)
General description

The idea of the project was traced few years back after the closure of ‘V-educa’ (Vocational education) project, which was financed by the Hungary-Croatia IPA Cross-border Co-operation Programme 2007-2013. V-educa has supported designers and architects with information on planning and constructing nearly zero energy buildings. Based on the successful implementation of V-educa, positive feedbacks from the target groups and the needs identified by the participants the development of follow-up project V-educa 2 has started.
In V-educa 2 project we focused on new target groups: university students, university professors and three cities' employees engaged in construction activities of cities' properties); we intended to support their work and studies.

Specific objectives are:
•    To upgrade university curriculums and educational processes in the field of energy efficient construction;
•    To educate designers and workers that are employable and competent to respond to modern world’s construction needs;
•    To raise awareness on nZEB as inevitable standard for both sectors, public and private.

Main project activities include:
•    Analysis of energy efficient construction in the cross-border area;
•    Case study of „the best“ energy efficient construction project on each side of the border;
•    Development of curriculum and nZEB content for summer school;
•    Organising two one-week summer schools;
•    Study tours to introduce energy efficient buildings on both sides of the border; 
•    Practical education of students, delivering a building desing;
•    Guide to cost-optimum nZEB construction.

This project has been implemented with the financial assistance of the European Union within the Hungary-Croatia Interreg V-A Co-operation Programme.

INTERREG Cross-border Cooperation Program
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