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OEMONOM – Open access Educationa Materials On Naturally Occurring Molecules sources, biological activity and use

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Open access Educationa Materials On Naturally Occurring Molecules sources, biological activity and use

Project manager, contact details
Dr. Éva Kiefer,, Tamás Sólyom,
Academic supervisor, contact details
Horváth Györgyi Dr.,
Total project budget
382.169 EUR
Total budget of UP
25.428 EUR
Project start date
Project end date
Univerzita Karlova (CZ)

Partner Organisations
Univerzita Komenskeho v Bratislavae (SK), Univerza V Ljubljani (SI), Universidade do Porto (PT), Christian-Albrechts-Universität zu Kiel (DE), Universita di Bologna (IT), Université de Lorraine (FR), University of Pecs (HU)
General description

Open access Educational Materials on Naturally Occurring Molecules – sources, biological activity and use Natural compounds have always attracted interest due to their potential effects on human being. Their use is widespread and is rather rising due to false belief that they are always better and safer than conventional drugs. This belief is often the background for companies producing preparations containing such compounds. Hence, the major aim of this project is to prepare comprehensible, free and easily accessible materials reporting both positive and negative aspects of natural compounds used for several commonly used indications (infections, menopause and gynaecological problems, benign prostatic hyperplasia, cough, cardiovascular diseases, CNS, skin and GIT disorders), as well as of vitamins and sympathomimetics, according to the most recent scientific evidence. Special materials will be also prepared for their interactions with conventional drugs.

The novelty and strength of this material will be based on several aspects:
1. They will be freely available,
2. There will be three versions, one for professionals in the form of open access publications, one for students of biomedical disciplines and one for laypersons, both latter as attractive e-learning material in Moodle platform. In particular, in the current situation in the World, the need for a quality and easily accessible e-learning materials is apparent.
3. Materials for students and laypeople will be prepared in English and 8 native languages of participating universities (Czech, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Portuguese, Slovak and Slovene),
4. Materials will be prepared by common work of experts from different fields (pharmacologists, pharmacognostics, toxicologists, microbiologists, analytical chemists and E-learning.

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