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The TaMPeD project documents supporting talent management are now available!

Hungarian and Croatian schools have worked together in the TaMPeD project to support the talent management of 5-8 grades students in the border region. Since school exists, even in the ancient times, there has always been talent development, talent education.The transition to a market economy makes us realize how important human capital is. With this in mind to invest time and money into the educational talent management of the programme area may offer a perspective for success. But the current situation in this field leaves much to be desired. Schools on CR side of the border don't have unified talent development methodologies, the existing basis of handling the talented children needs to be developed and updated both in content and in equipment and the lack of these programs has a negative impact on both teachers and students. On Hu side, the talent management program is developes as well with the support of TaMPeD by sharing knowledge with CR schools.

There is a lack of trained teachers who could do this work competently and they are not abound in the relevant and adequate literature. Based on studies and experiences the crucial points of talent management have been identified. It is clear now that for a successful program new methodologies and unconventional solutions are required. It is very important to identify students with potential - students who might stand out in talents as well as students who have already shown excellence in some field, so it strives to attach greater importance to the discovery of above average and gifted students and to create opportunities for developing their gift in one or more areas.  

The downloadable methodological guideline and the e-manual provides support for any theachers in this process.