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Living Labs Activator Workshop for Students - VSLL4YOU, 16-30 Sept 2023

Living Labs Activator Workshop for Students

VSLL4YOU project (Visegrad Fund)

16-30 September 2023, University of Information Technology and Management – Kielnarowa Campus, Rzeszóv, Poland

Cohort size: 20 students (5 students per Partner University - (from Hungary, Czechia, Slovakia, and Poland).

About the Workshops

Living Labs Activator Workshops for Students is a two-week intensive program that combines workshops, networking, collaborative projects and tutoring. Its goal is to prepare future leaders of Sustainable Living Laboratories for innovative solving of problems and challenges related to climate change, demographics, digital transformation, etc., and turning them into effective environmental and social projects. The outcome of the workshop will be the unleashing of the potential to create a lasting impact and the creation of the Student Living Labs Network. The network will have 4 key roles:


Qualification criterions:

·       the student status of University of Pécs,

·       knowledge of the English language at a minimum level of B2.

Credits: 5 ECTS

Costs: Organizers cover the costs of accommodation and meals, as well as transport. For each participant there is a travel grant calculated accordingly to the Erasmus+ short-term mobility of students - 210 EUR for green travels (which we strongly recommend) or 180 EUR for non-green travels. The grant will be given in cash in the first days of the participants' stay in Poland.