Skoči na glavni sadržaj

Based on the decision of the Government of Hungary, the Western Balkans Green Center Nonprofit Llc. was established in 2019 under the supervision and governance of the Ministry for Innovation and Technology, in order to contribute to the climate protection efforts exercised by the Western Balkan countries as well as the green transformation of their economies through grants supporting technology export activities of Hungary-based enterprises active in the field of environmental protection.
The Western Balkans region is heavily exposed to the effects of climate change, causing increasing summer heat waves and unpredictable rainfall. These conditions combined with generally outdated utility infrastructure and the frequent usage of polluting technologies underline the importance of support for both climate change mitigation and adaptation measures.
Based on consultations held with relevant authorities of the Western Balkans and international development partners, there is a considerable lack of eligible projects to be financed and implemented in the region. The goal of WBGC is to provide Hungary-based companies with grants for project preparation and capacity building activities in the Western Balkans to contribute to the climate protection activities of the target countries fulfilling their nationally determined contributions (NDCs) set forth in the Paris Agreement on Climate. Companies interested in WBGC’s calls are encouraged to form consortia in order to demonstrate a more complex thematic proposition with potential local and/or international partners. In addition, the Hungarian Government’s ambition is to initiate the establishment of an international green investment fund to complement and reinforce available initiatives.

Supported activities
-    investment preparation
-    capacity building activities
-    business planning

Supported sectors
-    Energy efficiency and renewable energy
-    Water management and wastewater treatment
-    Waste management
-    Forestry and agriculture
-    Urban Environment
-    Other activities related to climate change mitigation or adaptation

Target countries
-    Albania
-    Bosnia and Herzegovina
-    Kosovo
-    North Macedonia
-    Montenegro
-    Serbia

WBGC publishes calls for applications for non-refundable grants at defined intensities. A key element of WBGC's strategy is to select applications that:
-    contribute significantly to creating interregional connectivity as well as reinforce economic and knowledge-based cooperation;
-    support economic competitiveness;
-    foster Hungary-based SMEs’ standalone regional presence;
-    enhance economic growth and job creation;
-    are financially sound and sustainable;
-    allow additional resource mobilization.


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