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The project aims at creating an innovative, novel teaching material for filling the existing knowledge gap of students learning tourism and giving them a holistic approach how to serve people with disabalities in an effective way.

To develop innovative and cost-efficient solutions for mental health care in the post-covid times, we need to get the businesses involved. We address this issue by developing a series of workshops, focusing on mental health in organizations.

The „EDUCating for Positive Management” project was designed by the six members of the EDUC European University selected by Erasmus+ in 2019.

Smart specialization in many regions of CE is not functioning due to the lack of innovation capacity and disconnection between the actors on local and transnational level.

Creating a common framework and a unified entrepreneurial ecosystem across the EU that includes HEIs as the engine of open innovation, inequality among the regions of the EU can be decreased.

Smart specialisation is an essential principle of European regional policies, aimed at increasing efficiency in research and innovation investments.

This EU-Horizon2020 project aims to develop Financial and Institutional Reforms to build an Entrepreneurial Society (FIRES) in Europe.

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