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The DRWO4.0 project has started

The goal of the project " Danube Region Wood Industry Transformation Model towards Industry 4.0 - DRWO4.0" is to develop the skills necessary to promote industrial transformation and the transition to industry 4.0 in the field of forestry and wood industry. The 14 cooperating partners will achieve all this by jointly developing a transformation model. The partners operating in 11 countries of the Danube region will conduct a baseline assessment, create pilot environments, establishment and capacity building. This model is suitable for all Danube region (DR) stakeholders as a transformation algorithm towards the I4.0 and for policy makers as well, supporting them to take into account a new approach that needs to be considered in future strategies development and decision making.

The first meeting of the project was successfully held in February this year in Ljubljana, where the project partners had the opportunity to meet in person and jointly define further activities.

The projects are supported by the Interreg Danube Region Program, with co-financing from the European Union.