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Partners Convened for the Final Meeting of PACIFY-D Project in Brussels to Conclude Successful Collaboration

In a culmination of collaborative efforts, partners of the PACIFY-D - Promoting the Active Citizenship of Youth through Diplomacy project gathered for their final project meeting on 11th March, 2024, marking a significant milestone in their journey. The meeting served as a pivotal moment for all involved, as they convened to review and finalize the project results developed throughout the project's duration.
Representatives from the 6 partner organizations, came together, bringing with them insights, analyses, and findings garnered from their respective contributions. With a collective dedication to excellence, they meticulously sifted through the data, seeking to distill key insights and patterns that emerged from their collaborative endeavors.
The PACIFY-D project has been working towards providing innovative training opportunities to young people and establishing Country Info Points as local learning centers for youth education, to strengthen democratic attitudes through civic engagement and civic participation. For this final phase a Policy Handbook has also been developed, our partners finalized the project documents to be able to publish all the results after the project closure.
As they bid farewell to this chapter of their collaboration, the partners look forward to leveraging the insights gained from the project to drive further innovation and progress in their respective fields. With a shared commitment to excellence, they stand ready to embark on new challenges, confident in their ability to effect positive change through collaboration and teamwork.