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ELPIS project – multiplier event in Pécs

The Department of Hospice-Palliative Care at University of Pécs organised multiplier event in Pécs in the framework of ELPIS (E-Learning on Palliative care for International Students) ERASMUS+ project  (2021-1-IT02-KA220-HED-000023205) on 13rd October 2023. The project in which University of Pécs cooperates with Italian, Spanish, German, Romanian and Canadian partners aim to enhance the quality of Palliative Care in the EU through a better and more uniform education at the undergraduate level.

The XI. International Hospice-Palliative Symposium was focusing on the specific subjects of patient care (head and neck cancer patients, challenges of paediatric palliative care), new teaching-learning methods in palliative care and new trends on end-of-life care. The session of new teaching methods outlined the results of the ELPIS project and highlighted the project outcomes up to that point. As an undergraduate medical training program in palliative care, the course “Successful death: Palliative medicine for a better quality of life” has been locally implemented in Hungary to test the effectiveness of the online teaching by applying pre- and post-course assessment. The course is focusing on the multidisciplinary team-based care with a holistic perspective, symptom management and end-of-life care. As part of the Symposium’s professional program, a session was devoted how to design and deliver a successful virtual educational program, with special attention to effective presentation skills and technical points.