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ACCESSIBLE - Kick-off meeting in Pécs

The kick-off meeting of the ACCESSIBLE project was held on 8th and 9th of June 2023 in Pécs. 

This 2-year project aims at creating an innovative, novel teaching material for filling the existing knowledge gap of students learning tourism and giving them a holistic approach how to serve people with disabalities in an effective way.

After a warm welcome of project leader, all partners (University of Zagreb, Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznan, Universitatea Sapientia din Municipiul Cluj-Napoca) gave a professional description of themselves, their backgrounds, and presented their personal motivations and competences related to the project objectives. 

Partners received a general overview (general objectives and planned project results) of the ACCESSSIBLE project. The aims of the meeting were to review the timetable of the project, to discuss all the project activities and delegate leaders and deadlines to each task to ensure all indicator will have been achieved by the end of the project. 

Partners discussed in detail the activities of the workpackage 2: collection of the best-practices, systematic literature analysis, situation assessment and analysis. The preliminary prepared questionnaire was completed based on the partners suggestions.

During the meeting the general management process, the financial issues were presented, and the dissemination activities were discussed as well.

The ACCESSIBLE consortium will meet in Poznan in March 2024 to discuss the research results and the next steps of the project implementation.