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Krisztián Tóth

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Krisztián earned his degree on 2003 at the College of Kecskemét as a technical manager, then on 2005 at the College of Szolnok as economist. Since gaining the diploma he works on the field of EU funding and project management. First at Szigetváron as a rural development manager for 3 years, where generating projects for the local governments, application writing and project management were his main tasks. Then he was an auditor at Váti Kht for 5 years and 6 more years a controller at Széchenyi Programiroda after corporate merging, during those years his tasks were the monitoring, controling and auditing of EU funded projects implemented in the South-transdanubain region.

He joined the Directorate of Grants' International Projects Office of the UP in 2017.