CHP - Culture, heritage and profession – Establishing the professional replenishment of heritage preservation through cultural events

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Culture, heritage and profession – Establishing the professional replenishment of heritage preservation through cultural events

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Krisztián Tóth,
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Inez Koller, dr. ,
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180 104 EUR
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63 826 EUR (85% EU contribution,15% National contribution)
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Faculty of Humanities, Institute for Human Development and Cultural Studies
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Hrvatsko kulturno-umjetničko društvo “Osijek 1862.” (HR), Hrvatsko Kulturno Umjetničko Društvo “Valpovo 1905” (HR), VIZIN Kulturális és Hagyományőrző Egyesület (HU), Mohácsi Sokacok Olvasóköre (HU)
General description

There is a constant challenge for higher education institutions to cope with social-economical changes and provide education programs that prepare new professionals for knowledge and skills the society and the labour market both require and can place in their systems. The community organiser (BA), cultural heritage studies (MA) and cultural mediation (MA) education programs run by the Department of Cultural Science, Institute of Human Development and Cultural Sciences, Faculty of Humanities, University of Pécs aim exactly to educate people for this reason. Cultural associations that aim to preserve folk culture by continuous artistic representation, need to recruit committed and competent members who have the desperate desire to do something for maintaining cultural institutions and associations and also are capable for background activities like organisation, fund raising, financial monitoring. The project on Cultural Heritage and Profession enhances and also examines the net of civil organisations which aim to preserve Croatian folk music and folk dance. The project brings together people from both sides of the borderline between Croatia and Hungary. These people are members of Croatian civil organisations with decades long histories as well as Croatians and Hungarians who are fond of traditional music and dance.
The leading partner, the College of Advanced Studies on Social Inclusion is responsible for the design and monitor of inquiry of the professional background of the four traditional Croatian folk music and dance events and also for the preparation of research studies, their evaluation and publication. Project partners VIZIN Culture and Tradition Association, MOHÁCSI SOKACOK OLVASÓKÖRE Association, HKUD VALPOVO 1905, Dance Ensemble and HKUD OSIJEK 1862 Dance Ensemble are responsible for the organisation of four different events during the project where they invite the other three project partners as guest performers and enable the leading partner to get full access to their documentations related to the organisations of their events.

This project has been implemented with the financial assistance of the European Union within the Hungary-Croatia Interreg V-A Co-operation Programme.

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